Tips to perfect your performance

Just Be the Boss of the Show
Having what it takes to transform yourself into the kind of vocalist you dream to be in an audition or performance takes heaps more than talent.

I have seen the most talented vocalists fall apart at the crucial moment because of not being in the present moment. Being in that present moment or the sweet spot that we desire, is about allowing ourselves to take oneself into the zone of genius. That place where we are in charge of the moment, being true to your identity. I call it being the Boss of the Show.

Self belief is the absolute number one, even if you are lacking in talent.

Practice ALWAYS makes perfect – practising skills over time causes your neural pathways to work to peak performance. To improve your performance, you should practice FREQUENTLY. Ask for lots of feedback so you practice on improving and enhance your performance.

1. Warm Up Routine Have an established warm-up routine that you utilize daily. It may be a stretching routine, singing scales, or quietly singing through the lyrics of our repertoire. Whatever it is, dont just go through the motions, but be mindful of the steps you take, seeing this as an important ritual tha gets you into the right mindset ofr effective practicing or performing. Such a routine can become almost meditative, and is a valuable process for clearing your mind, mentally preparing to go to practice or perform.

2. What Do I Look Like. Practice in the mirror as much as you can. Its not an easy thing to do, however you have to like how you move, use your facial expression and how you make eye contact with your audience. Ask for assistance from people you trust, give a practice performance to them. Ask for contructive feedback

3. Audiate. Run through your performance silently. Recall the song internally, so it wires into your neural pathways. This will come naturally to some more than others, however everyone can learn to audiate.

4. Your Costume Its not so crazy to practice in full dress rehearsal. Practice wearing the clothes you will perform in for the benefit of being in the place of performance. Whatever you are seeing or feeling in your feet, torso, mind, emotion will affect your ability to give your best.

5. Keep Your Concentration to the Final Note Dont get distracted by anything, I mean ANYTHING. The connection you create with your audience is the first key. Too many up and coming performers are easily distracted due to not being in the present moment. Remember there is nothing more important at this moment than your very best performance. just be in your zone of genius and your performance will be amazingly sensational