About Us


The Studio. Performing Arts Academy offers a comprehensive, all ages performing arts program, including private music lessons, group sessions, school holiday programs, masterclasses and artist mentoring programs.

We offer group and private lessons for piano, guitar, singing, drums, songwriting, group drama classes and musical theatre.

Regular local performance opportunities that we offer here at The Studio including Musicals, Plays, Gig opportunities and twice yearly concert evenings provide our students with the hands-on experience that they need to truly master their craft.

Our instructors facilitate your strengths while providing a solid foundation in theory and technique. All of our teachers are exceptional at what they do – making music fun while providing the best atmosphere for musical growth. Each teacher works with their students to set attainable and realistic goals unique to each students interests.

Students love making progress and working on music they enjoy. We encourage learning all styles of music and drama to give students a well-rounded appreciation of the performing arts.

Call us today or take a look around our website to find out more about our classes!