Grunch Auditions

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for our 2018 musical “The Grunch”

Toby and Cath had a very hard job indeed casting this show as we had a huge amount of very talented students all try their best for a role. Auditionees FAR outweighed the roles available so it was very tough.

I was very impressed as I sat in on the auditions at the vast improvement of so many of our students!

Due to the fact that I teach so many of you privately I have left the casting up to Toby and Cath on this one and I have to say I am impressed with their selection! Looking forward to an amazing show.

See you all in rehearsal! Megan


For members, a complete pdf book and all vocal tracks of the Grunch can be downloaded from the “members info” page (a password is required and available by contacting Megan)